HRA organized two days training workshop on Mountain Safety and Basic First Aid course at the HRA office on 25th and 26th July 2014. The training course highlighted on Acute Mountain Sickness, HAPE, HACE, Snow Blindness, Frostbite, Hypothermia and its symptoms, treatment and prevention. Basic First Aid covered the topics of introduction and importance of First Aid, CPR, Management of Bleeding/Cuts, Wound Management and Dressing, Fainting, Recovery Position to the patient, Choking, Drowning, ENT problems, GI, Burn, Sexual Health- HIV/AIDS, Health and Sanitation, Climbing and Mountaineering Suspension Trauma, Transportation Techniques and Improvisation in Wilderness, Essential Medication/first Aid kit etc. There were 25 participants involved from the field of mountaineering sector; most of them have already scaled Mt. Everest in their climbing career. Himalayan Lord Buddha Adventure and Sherpa Shepherds gathered the participants.

The program started after a short inaugural ceremony by HRA Chairman Mr. D.B. Koirala. During the inaugural ceremony Chairman Mr. Koirala highlighted the importance of such training and its usefulness in the remote setup. The first day of the training was provided by Mr. Prakash Adhikari, Mr. Gobinda Bashyal and Mr. Bhuwan Acharya covering all the topics on Mountain Sickness, Frostbite, Snow Blindness and Hypothermia. At the end of the first day program, uses of Gamow bag and applying Oxygen to the patient in remote location was demonstrated.

The second day training session on Basic First Aid was provided by Dr. Matiram Pun and Dr. Sanjeev Bhandari. Drs. Pun and Bhandari are associated in Mountain Medicine Society of Nepal (MMSN) and have extensive knowledge and experience in Mountain Medicine. Dr. Kamal Thapa from MMSN also helped us to gather the training course.

Dr. Buddha Basnyat, Medical Director of HRA emphasized in using the medication of  Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) i.e. Diamox and Dexamethasone, the life saving drug in the mountain.

At the end of the training program, Certificate of completion of training was provided to the participants. While speaking in a closing ceremony, Chairman Mr. D. B. Koirala expressed his view to use the skills by the participants in the Himalayas. Officiating Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr. Ranjan Krishna Aryal provided the certificates to the participants. Mr. Aryal addressed the program and appreciated the remarkable work that HRA has been carrying out since its inception. At the end of the program, Vice Chairman, Mr. Narendra Deo Bhatta thanked everyone for making the program successful.

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