A day workshop on altitude sickness was organized at the HRA head office in Kathmandu on 30th Jan 2017. The total 15 participants from Manang district actively participated in the workshop. The workshop was focused to train the local people from Manang about altitude sickness, hypothermia, frostbite and snow blindness as well as Gamow bag demonstration.

We have come across that the domestic tourists have risen every season in the mountain of Nepal. Since mountain destinations have been connected by motorable roads, high altitude sickness has become a major problem in the area. Especially Nepali trekkers are thinking that this is a foreigner’s disease which is completely false. They are less prepared and make rapid ascent. Going high too fast, making rapid ascent is one of the the main causes of getting altitude sickness.

The program started with the brief introduction of HRA and its noble work of saving the life of people in the mountain by Prakash Adhikari. The program followed by Altitude illness, HACE, HAPE, prevention and treatment, Hypothermia, Frostbite and snow blindness by Dr. Santosh Baniya. Later Gamow bag demonstration was provided by Gobinda Bashyal.

After the training workshop, the interaction program on safe journey around Annapurna was carried out with the various news reporters. The program was focused how to keep the mountain destinations safe specially in view of Annapurna region. Addressing to the interaction program Chairman Mr. D.B. Koirala highlighted the importance of the training to make the destinations safe for Nepali trekkers going to the mountains. Mr. Koirala also mentioned that journalists can also play a vital role to disseminate the information of safety rules to prevent altitude illness. Medical Director Dr. Buddha Basnyat mentioned that this is a right time to disseminate the information using local news media, social media etc. Dr. Basnyat also told that if we don’t aware Nepali trekkers now this problem will rise day by day and there might be death due to the severe altitude sickness which is 100% preventable. Chairman of TEAM- Mr. Binod Gurung, representative from ACAP Manang – Mr. Babulal Tiruwa and Social worker Mr. Sangdo Lama highlighted the importance of the training and HRA work in Manang.

The program was organized by HRA in association with TEAM – Tourism Entrepreneurs Association of Manang.


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